BaaS - myChain

Ant Financial proprietary financial technology with patented advanced Blockchain functionality and features.

Product Overview

myChain provides trusted and secure services with high throughput to our customers through BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). Ant Financial Blockchain BaaS is a cloud service that has supported lots of real-world applications as well as data traffic on the blockchain. Through this platform, Ant Chain can provide convenient services for enterprises and individuals around the world and bring more equal opportunities.

Product Features

Private blockchain management

Creating and managing private blockchains is a basic feature provided by BaaS.

Blockchain capability

myChain enables two types of platforms. One is a high-performance platform, and the other is high-reliability one.

Automated deployment

The platform enables automated deployment of blockchains. This method allows customers to quickly deploy their blockchain platforms at a lower cost.


Each enterprise that wants to join a private blockchain must complete the authentication steps. The platform will issue certificates to help enterprises verify their identities on a specific private blockchain.

Business configuration

Different scenarios and services have completely different business data and workflows. In this regard, the platform provides business views and workflow subscription services to help customers configure business-oriented applications.

Development support

The application of blockchains in different scenarios requires innovation and technical development. This platform provides full-fledged technical development components to help customers have the best implementation and extend their scenarios.

Service Benefits

High performance and high reliability

In addition to the fast concurrency and consensus and transaction confirmation in seconds, the platform also provides high reliability and high fault tolerance.

Trust and privacy protection

The platform provides high privacy protection in the blockchain layer and enables enterprise identity and real-name authentication in the BaaS service layer.

Simplicity and ease of use

The platform significantly reduces customers' investment in blockchains and lowers the threshold, allowing customers without in-depth understanding of blockchains to empower their business with the blockchain technology.

Network security on the cloud

The platform makes full use of the cloud platform security capabilities, for example through such products as VPCs, to ensure the security of blockchain networks.

Cross-network support

Blockchain provides the celebrated notion of decentralization. myChain / Verofax provides corresponding support and automated deployment for platforms across networks and clouds in different scenarios across public clouds and different users' IT environments through a system of decentralization.

Product BaaS - myChain BaaS - Hyperledger Fabric
Switch consensus protocol on the run Yes No
Protocols supported PBFT;HoneyBadger Raft
Account model support Yes No intrinsic account model
Storage database RocksDB CouchDB;LevelDB
Algorithm based privacy Homomorphic encryption, Zero knowledge proof No built-in algorithm
TEE hardware based privacy Yess No
Smart contract languages Solidity, c++, Java Java, Golang
Customizable throughput support Yes No
Scalability Linear scalability as nodes grows based on sharding No
Role based Membership Support multi account role such as admin; multi node role such as consensus-node, non-consensus-node, lightweight-client Multi node role such as endorser, order node, full node

Products & Solutions


Leverage Verofax TaaS (Verofax Traceability as a Service) to create trust, increase efficiency and provide end-to-end transparency on information shared along the supply chain.


Digital Asset

Digitalize real assets on blockchain will be the new norm. Verofax Digital Assets allow the transfer and utilization of assets more efficiently on both on-line and off-line scenarios.



Verofax Morse is an integrated secure data sharing & collaboration platform. It enables cross-organizational data sharing and usage while preserves the data security and privacy.


Digital Seal as a Service

Blockchain-based data certification and notarization service that provides an extra level of confidence to your personal and business data.