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The new trust mechanism

With the Traceable, Decentralized, Immutable and Transparent features, all parties on the blockchain are able to build a better trust system. Making the data on the blockchain as the source of truth by distributing the control fairly to anyone who wants to use the system with the transparency of the transaction history. Internet allows information to be transmitted efficiently, Verofax allows value to be transferred efficiently.

Expertise for enterprise digital transformation

We have the support of the largest blockchain team in China. With a lot of enterprises, public sectors and SMEs that are already adopting blockchain as part of their digital transformation, Verofax is able to consult you further to understand more on how blockchain technology is able to bring business value to your organization and end users.

Applications in over 50 scenarios

Verofax have been developed with more than 50 scenarios using Verofax such as Traceability as a Service for food industry and luxury goods; Secure Repository and Traceability; Protection of Digital Copyright; Supply Chain Finance; Data Asset Sharing and many more. Our solutions and technology are also being recognized globally by Gartner, IDC and Forbes. That is why enterprises, SMEs, public sector turn to and trust Verofax platform.

Products & Solutions


Leverage Verofax TaaS (Verofax Traceability as a Service) to create trust, increase efficiency and provide end-to-end transparency on information shared along the supply chain.


Digital Asset

Digitalize real assets on blockchain will be the new norm. Verofax Digital Assets allow the transfer and utilization of assets more efficiently on both on-line and off-line scenarios.



Verofax Morse is an integrated secure data sharing & collaboration platform. It enables cross-organizational data sharing and usage while preserves the data security and privacy.


Digital Seal as a Service

Blockchain-based data certification and notarization service that provides an extra level of confidence to your personal and business data.


Verofax Eco-System

Empower Your Business

Gain access to Verofax business & technical benefits. We provide enablement, best practice, use case reference from our trusted experts and matured market reference. This allow our partners to transform their business on Verofax platform.

Build Your Profile

Develop Go-to-Market assets and strategies to highlight your expertise on Verofax and earn trust with your customers. Verofax is committed to use our technology to empower your solutions.

Join Development

Co-develop blockchain solutions with our experts. Joint effort in whitepaper, solutions and even training material creations.