Digital Seal as a Service

Verofax DSaaS (Digital Seal as a Service) is a blockchain-based data certification and notarization service to provide an extra level of confidence to your personal or business data.

Solution Overview

Verofax DSaaS is a universal digital data certification and notarization solution to meet legal, compliance and business requirements of proving the authenticity, existence and ownership of any digital contents. For various types of digital data, such as contracts, medical records, transactional data, digital arts, music, photos, diploma, certificates etc., DSaaS computes cryptographic hashes as data “fingerprints” and anchor the hashes to blockchain with timestamps. Whenever needed, a blockchain proof can be generated to irrefutably prove the exact moment when the data existed, the possession of data by certain owner and prove the data is authentic and unchanged.

Solution Features

Cryptographic data anchor on blockchain

Provides the capability to create cryptographic hash for various types of digital data and anchors the hash to Blockchain with timestamps immutably

Proof of authenticity

Offers blockchain cryptographic proofs to prove that certain digital data is authentic or has been changed since anchoring.

Claims of copyrights

Offers blockchain certificates with all needed digital evidences to prove that certain piece of work been created by the author at a certain time in the past.

Ready API

Offers robust API access to connect with the systems you already use, to integrate and share data to your specific needs

Blockchain explorer

Provides the capability to explore the underlying running condition of blockchain network.

Service Benefits

Powered by proven Ant's technologies

Verofax DSaaS is powered by Ant Financial’s practically-tested blockchain technology. It supports high tps, financial grade data security and stability under complex network configurations. DSaaS is also readily compatible with Ant’s other proved technologies, such as IoT, AI and Data Visualizations.

Platform as well as Service

Verofax DSaaS is designed to meet the needs of enterprises having different levels of technological readiness. Enterprise users can simply use the web interface to anchor their data to Blockchain and generate necessary blockchain proofs. You can also connect Verofax DSaaS to your current systems/tools using the robust API access provided by Ant DSaaS. Depending on your needs, Verofax DSaaS could be a platform as well as a ready-to-use service for you.

Forensic auditable

All proofs, evidences and audit trails generated by Verofax DSaaS can be verified by independent third parties. All actions to the Blockchain data are recorded in a secure and transparent manner which can be independently audited.

Data privacy protection

While Verofax DSaaS provides authenticity proofs, your data is not exposed to any risk of public disclosure. Ant DSaaS works only on encrypted or masked data in parsimonious manner and offers strong privacy protection and security to your sensitive data.

Wide-range adoption exampels

Verofax DSaaS has been used in many industries to meet the data certification and notarization requirements. Examples are digital copy rights protection for arts, music, photos, text, program codes, digital contract signing, on-line e-commerce transactions testification, software licensing and etc. Verofax DSaaS is proven to be readily adaptable to various needs and easily adoptable by the most industries.