Verofax Morse MPC platform, which utilizes cutting-edge Secure Multi-Party Computation technology, cryptography and privacy protection technology to enable secure computation in a local box, ensures that all data cooperative parties can share data while keeping their original data private.

Solution Overview

Verofax Morse helps organizations to facilitate joint marketing, joint risk control, and joint scientific research. Verofax Morse, together with blockchain is building a trusted data infrastructure to protect data asset and use data compliantly. It also provides a safer data collaboration environment for innovation and stricter privacy protection for users.

Solution Features

Secure Modeling and Decision

Supports multiple parties collaboratively train, deploy, maintain and optimize distributed models and policies.

Secure Matching

Securely matches two parties’ common data without leakage of private data.

Secure Query / Statistics

Provides multiple parties with distributed secure query/statistics functionalities, provide statistical results without leaking information about the raw data or data source.

Privacy and Security

Supports both plaintext or encrypted models and policies, supports anonymous secure query which protects the query id and search rules.

Service Benefits

Provenance & Trust

Ant Morse is powered by Ant Financial’s practically-well tested Blockchain technology—Ant Blockchain to enable traceability and auditability. Ant Morse Team owns 40+ patents and is certified by various security authorities and involves in publishing MPC standards with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

Decentralized infrastructure

Ant Morse is built on a fully decentralized infrastructure and encrypted data are computed and processed independently on multiple computing nodes, which is more fault-tolerant and ant-attacks.

Compliance and privacy protection

Ensures all the computation are based on encrypted or desensitized data, which fully protects personal data privacy.


Morse has collaboration with various reputable data providers, media channels. Financial institutions can connect to third-party data sources easily through our one-stop platform.


Open log interface provides real-time monitoring on computing results and data stability and helps you to discover data quality issues on time. Data access needs to be granted by the data provider before it can be used by other collaborations. Data usage patterns can be traced and audited.

Lightweight deployment

Supports docker-based deployment either on cloud or on premise, suitable for different operating systems and mainstream database and services.