Traceability as a Service

Verofax TaaS (Traceability as a Service) is a Blockchain-based traceability solution combined with Inter of Things (IoT) technologies to enable trust, increase efficiency and provide end-to-end transparency on information along the supply chain.

Solution Overview

VEROFAX TaaS aims to provide a traceability solution to benefit all stakeholders in a supply chain. TaaS connects physical and information flows using IOT technology, stores information in an immutable and tamper-proof manner on Blockchain, and links fragmented supply chain process from end-to-end and different stakeholders involved through transparent information sharing. TaaS is the solution to bring coordination, sustainability and efficiency to your supply chain.

Solution Features

Blockchain Enabled

Blockchain offers a way to record supply chain information on a decentralized and immutable ledger with all stakeholders acknowledgement, and hence serves as a resilient, verifiable and accurate single source of truth

Product Digital Twin

Enables full visibility, track and trace throughout product lifecycles, starting from raw materials, for each product by creating a unique digital identity.

Multi-media Data Support

Supports various formats of supply chain data to easily accommodate different sources of information.

Multi-tag Technology Support

Supports multiple IoT tagging technologies such as QR code, RFID, NFC and so on to meet different regulation and certification requirements.

Customizable Tracking Templates

Provides the flexibility to use either standard or customized tracking process templates to capture right data at right stage for the right product.

Product Lines Mapping

Allows entire product lines mapping using hierarchical product catalogue management to effectively improve product searching, tracing and updating.

Secure Data Access

Provides the protocols to manage data access and allows data authenticity verification.

Ready API

Offers robust API access to connect with the systems you already use, to integrate and share data to your specific needs.

Dashboard Analytics

Gains valuable insights on many aspects of whole supply chain, for example products distribution map, consumer geographic distribution, sales trending analysis etc.

Blockchain Explorer

Provides the capability to explore the underlying running condition of Blockchain network.

Service Benefits

Powered by Proven Ant Technologies

Ant TaaS is powered by Ant Financial’s practically-well tested Blockchain technology—Ant Blockchain. It supports high tps, financial grade data security and stability under complex network configurations. TaaS is also readily compatible with Ant’s other proved technologies, such as IoT, AI, Data Visualizations and so on. With handy and easy combinations, you can harness more technologies in one shot to upgrade your supply chain.

Platform as well as Service

Ant TaaS is designed to meet the needs of enterprises having different levels of technological readiness. Enterprise users can simply use the web interface to initiate a TaaS instance and config the service to their specific needs of product traceability. You can also connect TaaS to your current systems/tools using the robust API access provided by Ant TaaS. Depending on your needs, Ant TaaS could be a platform as well as a ready-to-use service for you.

Effective Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Channel Conflicts Mechanisms

Combing IoT technologies, Ant TaaS creates a digital twin for each product on Blockchain. Together with the full provenance of its lifecycle starting from raw material all the way to retailing stage immutably captured on Blockchain, Ant TaaS raises the bar significantly for counterfeiting each product not only physically but also digitally. In addition, with various analytics provided by Ant TaaS, you can also get insights on the products distribution map, consumer geographic distribution and so on to detect any channel conflicts and take accordant actions.

Abundant Practical Use Case Examples

Ant TaaS has been used in many industries to trace many a type of products. Examples are agricultural products, agricultural chemicals, food, cosmetics, art crafts, second-hand goods, diamonds, clothes and bags and so on, for a domestic supply chain or for a cross-border supply chain. Ant TaaS is proven to be readily adaptable to various needs and easily adoptable by the most traditional industries.