Together We Make the Difference

Join us to let more industries benefit from using Verofax technology.

Collaborate with Verofax

In Verofax we have our dedicated Tech Partner team that is committed to drive business together with our partners. We always believe in co-creation and winning together.

Joint Solution Development

Verofax ecosystem drives joint solutions development with our tech partners. This allows our tech partners to learn the new innovations with our experts and on the other hand we will also have the opportunity to learn about the local requirements. We will meet customer's requirements and gain market penetration faster with our partners.

Accelerated Growth

Leverage on Ant Group ecosystem will definitely allow our partner to growth in their business. Not just financial industry but also other industry such as New Retails, Digital Government and many more. Leverage on Verofax’s technology to make trust easier to achieve.

Reinvent with new business models

Reseller or distributorship are the traditional way of how partnership collaborate. In Verofax we take the collaboration model to the next level. We understand the market together with our tech partner, together working on localization and design the go to market strategy. This is to assure end user benefits and interest are being meet.

To Make It Easy to Do Business Anywhere, Trust is key

The core value of Ant Group, to make it easy to do business easy anywhere. We strongly believe with Verofax in place, we can support SMEs, Enterprises, Public sectors and other industries building better trust towards delivering transformation solutions to be successful and making it easy to expand their business everywhere in the world.

Verofax's Alliance Partner


Superceed provides AI-driven Customer Engagement Platform. Combines virtual call, omnichannel, Emotion AI and Marketing AI


The TRISILCO® Brand Identity is based on the Tesseract, a theoretical hyper cube epitomising multi-dimensional gateways. The stacked cubes forming the letter “T” represent the building blocks of software innovation to bring our clients towards new dimensions.


Celebrus Advisory is a bespoke and compliance-first consultancy for blockchain development and business tokenization. While we believe that blockchain will help you unlock the future digital economy, we want to help you get there the right way without taking shortcuts or skipping due diligence. This is where we make a stand, and in so doing, we unwittingly stand out from others.

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